High-Performance Computing

Growing Competition Means Evolution for HPC Providers

By Anil Krishnananda, Robert McNamara

Emerging business pressures signify a time of transformation for all.

Companies across the industrial spectrum are being compelled to adapt to revolutionary changes in the business environment. As they face increasingly stronger competition, they must identify how customer demands can be better met, determine where costs can be trimmed, build efficiencies in supply chains and generate improvements in any number of other operational processes.

In this context, data is increasingly becoming commoditized through high-performance computing (HPC). By using the connected power of multiple computer nodes, businesses can run deeply granular data sets, not only in order to identify operational efficiencies, but also to forecast changing trends within their sectors.

This is a relatively new market and, until now, incumbent providers of HPC services—operating in existing markets such as government departments and agencies—have enjoyed unrivaled latitude. However, as leaner, more nimble competitors enter this rapidly expanding market, these HPC service providers must adapt to changing trends and develop a more agile approach.

Revolutionizing the Business Environment

A decade ago, the cloud—while theoretically possessing the capacity to support HPC—lacked the maturity to gain the trust of the government agencies and other corporations that were the main customers of HPC providers. The big data workloads that only HPC was capable of handling remained in the realm of either in-house or outsourced server farms.

Fast forward ten years, the cloud is revolutionizing the IT industry. Companies are increasingly migrating their IT services to the cloud as its storage and computing capacities have advanced to enable efficient high-performance computing, and as initial suspicions about security have been overcome.

As these capabilities improve, HPC is transforming the way in which businesses operate. To stay competitive, companies are using the unique qualities of highly granular analysis of large data sets to better understand their businesses, ascertain efficiencies and create new revenue streams.

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