Maintain Your Competitive Advantage with Continuous Monitoring

Dynamic, Near-Real-Time Alerts & Analytics

You have just received an alert from your credit card company, an out of-the-ordinary transaction has been made. You are then asked to confirm if you have made the purchase or not. This alert is initiated through you credit supplier via a Continuous Monitoring analysis. Based on your buying habits and patterns, credit card companies are able leverage their monitoring software to provide a nearly real-time alert when an anomaly is flagged.

Given that there are millions of global business and organizational changes every month that affect a company, department or agency’s risk and opportunities; there is a need for a similar service to monitor changes in the dynamic business landscape and alert organizations before risks have been amplified and opportunities missed.

Guidehouse uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to empower government and commercial organizations with solutions to; decrease risk, increase speed, stay ahead of competitors and have a near-real-time operational picture of massive datasets based on business, financial, trade, legal, media, and other sources. 

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