Enabling Data Engineers to Unleash the Value of Your Organization’s Data

Seismic Shifts are Changing the Way Data Engineers Work

By 2022, the amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide is forecasted to reach 97 zettabytes, compared to the two zettabytes in 2010. This unprecedented growth in the variety, complexity, and velocity of data has combined with increasing demands from consumers for more timely, trusted data to exert growing pressure on CDOs and data leaders to adapt.

Developing an effective data ecosystem and a productive and thriving data engineering team hinges on the abilities of CDOs and data leaders to artfully choreograph the delicate interplay between people, processes, and technology. To empower data engineers, CDOs and data leaders must enable the data engineers to unleash the value of organization's data. Adapting data engineering roles to the modern data landscape is a daunting task. CDOs and data leaders must empower their organizations to embrace new technologies and skills, strengthen data protection and privacy, budget for abundant upskilling, and implement frictionless processes to accelerate value creation. 

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