Implementing Privileged Access Management Solutions in Zero Trust Architecture

Identiverse 2021 Session

In this Identiverse 2021 session, Guidehouse Cybersecurity Director Christine Owen discusses Implementing Privileged Access Management Solutions in a Zero Trust Environment.

As the amount of access to a network expands, so does the attack surface and vectors for potential compromise. With the advent of cloud computing and shift toward a remote workforce, organizations are seeing a need for a change in their traditional network security and methodology to a hybrid cloud environment that includes non-person entities, APIs, infrastructure, and microservices. Privileged Access Management solutions need to be incorporated into an organization’s system with Zero Trust architecture in mind. Zero Trust introduces a “never trust, always verify” mentality, which centers around enforcing a “least privilege” approach to users and devices inside or outside the network through dynamic policies based on a clear insight into the identity of the user or device.


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