Dynamic Digital Experience Solutions

Whether your objective is to create deeper customer relationships, improve employee engagement, or expand market share, your internal and external business processes need to be overhauled to offer modern digital experiences. Partnering with Guidehouse gives you access to end-to-end services, from strategy to design to implementation, in support of increased customer engagement, conversion rates, and customer retention.

All the data and digital services in the world amount to little if your customers and employees struggle with navigation, access, and finding the information they need. From simple bill payment to high-stakes research, organizations of all shapes and sizes now recognize that improving and accelerating digital experiences are as important as staying current with fundamental technology.

User experience, whether digital or physical, is a fast-changing discipline. Before investing heavily in digital design, strategy, and implementation, make sure your organization has a clear plan and a comprehensive strategy for creating dynamic digital experiences across all relevant form factors. As a component of its digital transformation services, Guidehouse offers a full-service experience design (XD)team to provide expert multidisciplinary guidance and knowledge of current design principles on this complex journey.

Using design thinking to solve both strategic and execution-based problems, Guidehouse brings depth and breadth of industry expertise to bear on the unique digital experiences of each client. We design around the individual user and bring Agile principles and comprehensive requirements management to every project to promote success. With a full spectrum of digital offerings, including websites, custom applications, and responsive mobile apps, our software developers, designers, and change management practitioners collaborate with your internal teams to deliver new digital experiences with long-term value and vision.


Dynamic Digital Experience Solutions

Experience, research, and engagement - Through collaborative, hands-on engagement, Guidehouse works with client stakeholders to evaluate engagement strategies and provide comprehensive overhauls of both customer experience and service delivery. Human-centered design (HCD) governs everything we do. This means our user experience and user interface (UX/UI design) puts user activities and outcomes at the center of every process. Ongoing customer insights and segmentation services aid clients in finding untapped value by understanding hidden customer segments and mapping customer journeys across every point of engagement. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that relevant clients discover your services at the moment of need.

Application design and development - We design and develop custom enterprise applications based on client vision, customer needs, and leading principles of digital experience. Guidehouse places a strong emphasis on accessibility and recommends federal Section 508-grade compliance whenever possible. Our team workflows are rooted in contemporary DevSecOps practices, and all designs are carefully vetted by quality assurance and testing professionals.

Digital transformation - Through detailed, objective analysis and investigation of customer, employee, and stakeholder groups, we develop and execute strategies to exceed client business objectives for innovation in digital environments. The services we offer span project management, agile coaching, support and product management, and digital blueprints and business models. Guidehouse provides full project management and support at every phase of the process, organized around Agile practices.

Innovation - Guidehouse’s physical and virtual innovation labs help clients develop and improve their own capacities for innovation. Clients and cross-functional Guidehouse teams work together and dive deep into business problems, build prototypes of potential digital solutions, and utilize Agile development principles to develop innovative solutions. Additional programs and capabilities include leading challenge funds and competitions, developing frameworks for organizational innovation, and governance structure consulting. Our innovation lab also showcases other Guidehouse solutions and prototypes for consideration.

Guidehouse Digital Experience Advantages

Guidehouse develops and maintains leadership in several key digital experience disciplines, including:

Agile coaching | Your professionals must be able to keep up with the speed and flexibility required for successful Agile execution. Our coaches can help.

Enterprise-scaled Agile experience | Guidehouse practitioners are qualified in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This means we have extensive experience implementing Agile practices at enterprise scale and can coordinate delivery across many large-scale Agile teams.

Requirements management | Significant organizational change always brings a flood of change requests and requirements from a wide range of stakeholders. Our consultants bring order to this process, putting siloed requirements into bigger perspective and ensuring that concerns are properly addressed. Leveraging experience design specialists in tandem with business consultants, we extrapolate end-user needs that may generally not be brought to light through traditional requirements-gathering approaches. Understanding your customer journey | We know that the customer and employee experiences are as important as they can be different. We interview stakeholders and conduct research across a wide range of your user population to understand and empathize with their challenges and create personas to serve with new digital experiences.

Expertise in both strategy and implementation | Because Guidehouse delivers end-to-end solutions, our teams are accountable throughout your entire digital experience overhaul. Our team includes industry-specific domain and subject matter experts with experience at multiple levels, including designer, implementor, director, and partner.

A small sample of Guidehouse Dynamic Digital experience Solutions success stories:

  • We helped a major U.S. government agency digitize and automate its$1.5 trillion procurement process into one central platform.
  • We consolidated information from more than 20 government agencies into a comprehensive digital resource for foreign assistance.
  • We helped a major pharmaceutical company identify key social determinants of health through exploration of vaccination data from both traditional and nontraditional sources

Digital experience cannot wait. Guidehouse’s team of solution developers, designers, change management practitioners, and transformation consultants can help lead you on your journey. We leverage our deep expertise with experience across many industries and sectors. Speak to a digital experience expert to learn how our custom solutions can meet your needs.

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