Guidehouse Technology Advisory

Guidehouse offers comprehensive technology advisory solutions with both breadth of experience and depth of expertise.

Organizations face risk management issues with large-scale technology challenges related to cyber resilience, big data and analytics, and digital transformation. They need a trusted partner and guide to successfully navigate these complex challenges.

With expertise across industries and sectors—including state and local government, defense, national security, healthcare, life science, financial services, and energy, sustainability and infrastructure—the Guidehouse Technology Advisory team outwits complexity by seamlessly integrating across industry, technology, strategy, and change management to help position our clients for future success.

Technology Risk and Cyber Resilience

Today’s risk management planning should focus on prevention and on building resilient organizations, by identifying, mitigating, eliminating, and minimizing risks.

A Comprehensive Outlook on Risk
Many organizations struggle to identify and manage both internal and external risk, and to develop a clear picture of the evolving competitive, technological, and legislative landscapes. Without adequate ongoing governance, risk reduction efforts may never make it past the policy stage. And a thorough risk assessment must include ecosystem-wide evaluation—including suppliers—and build in resilience and continuity planning to reduce risk in the future.

How Guidehouse Can Help
Guidehouse can help with a full range of risk management solutions as organizations move toward adaptive risk and resilience mitigation. Our team of cybersecurity experts brings technology experience and qualifications in cybersecurity across cyber domains that include strategy, data governance, privacy, cyber defense, cyber technology integration and enablement, and cyber investigation and breach response services.

Technology Risk and Cyber Resilience
Guidehouse experts—who are cybersecurity veterans, former regulators, and former executives at private institutions and public-sector agencies—partner closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions in line with their needs.

Our team brings together deep domain expertise in security architecture and thorough scrutiny of emerging threats—via cybersecurity capability assessment, media monitoring analysis, supply chain risk management assessment, and more. Our professionals have extensive experience in real-world stop-loss and recovery efforts. Guidehouse understands how to conduct full ecosystem risk analysis and assessment to reduce risk and build resiliency into your business operations. And we can help your organization migrate from a contemporary security architecture to a zero trust model.

IT Optimization and Transformation

Take Guidehouse on your journey for a future-proof operating model.

Digital Transformation: More Than Simply a Technology Challenge
Digital transformation is enabled by technology, but at its core it is about much more than that. Because digital transformation touches both day-to-day operations and future growth and profitability, prioritizing investments based on business objectives is crucial. New processes should improve employee and partner access to tools, as well as delivery of insights that are both clear and trustworthy. Whenever possible, costs for legacy or end of-life solutions should be contained, giving IT teams the freedom and flexibility to modernize and innovate. And data governance should be just as important as data aggregation.

How Guidehouse Can Help
Guidehouse brings comprehensive capabilities to help you optimize and transform your business, including:

IT strategy and transformation—Our comprehensive approach to technology transformation includes integrating AI, cloud, cyber, data, digital, and workforce strategies. We help clients develop business-enabling technology strategies, evaluate and leverage future technologies, develop success roadmaps, develop user/ customer experiences, create digital dashboards to better manage IT as a business, enable your digital future, accelerate technology modernization, and provide insights on emerging technologies that create value.

Low-code/no-code infrastructure—Guidehouse’s project experience, trained resources, and alliances with vendors, such as Appian, Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Pegasystems, enable your IT team to break down the traditional silos of business and IT and optimize the entire development process to accelerate delivery, streamline digital citizen development, and promote continuous collaboration.

Enterprise solutions—Our team of experts is experienced in providing enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, enterprise performance management packaged applications, shared service provider migration support, independent verification and validation support, and cloud migration.

Experience design and cloud advisory—Guidehouse helps you improve your user digital experience, from user experience research, application design, and development to project management, agile coaching, product management, digital blueprints, and business models.

The Guidehouse Advantage for IT Optimization and Transformation
Guidehouse understands that digital transformation must balance the challenges, risks, and rewards of your organization’s next act. We focus on connecting the necessary technology with the vision and goals that motivate that transformation. Our professionals will work closely with yours on the next generation of digital environments, platforms, and applications to make your organizational goals a reality. We work with you at every step of the transformation journey, providing the guidance, expertise, tools, and support needed to realize your technology vision and drive initiatives from strategy through execution.

Data Management, Governance and Analytics

Guidehouse can help you understand and leverage your valuable data resources for strategic advantage.

Turning Data into Action
Data is at the heart of everything we do. We view your data the same way: as the fuel for action and progress in your organization. Turning data into action requires disparate systems and departments to communicate in order to better leverage insights. It takes a commitment to removing the friction, repetition, and delays that lead to stale data. And it requires an open attitude toward new analytical tools and techniques. Guidehouse’s significant experience with actionable data sets in both the public and private sectors has prepared us to tackle any problems of scale—and to focus on results.

How Guidehouse Can Help
Guidehouse fields large teams with dedicated data and analytics experience in disciplines including:

Data management and governance—We work with your teams to improve data security management and establish trust around data-driven decisions. We also implement recurring data operations, including ingestion, cleansing, de-identification, and auditing.

Advanced analytics and intelligent automation—Our team of data scientists combines statistical modeling, data mining, and domain expertise to help clients make better decisions. Disciplines include data product development in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data engineering and architecture, and advanced analytics.

Asset-based services—Our global teams of data scientists and DevSecOps professionals leverage our broad industry and technical expertise to develop and deliver repeatable solutions across enterprise-wide technology, as well as provide ongoing support capabilities for all business segments.

The Guidehouse Advantage for Data and Analytics
We can help your users reach faster and better decisions with data by designing and implementing self-service and automated analytics. We can help diverse stakeholders reach consensus on data modernization challenges and priorities. We can reinforce your data strategy with comprehensive planning, integration, and standards development. Our emphasis on business objectives and subject matter experts keeps our focus on your data-driven outcomes. And our partnerships with top cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, keep your data performance and protection strong.


People, processes, and technology working together make advanced business initiatives successful. Guidehouse can provide the technology, the experience, and the expertise to outwit the complexity of large-scale change and enable seamless, smooth, and successful organizational transformation.


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