IT Modernization: State of the Union

A Discussion of IT Modernization with Mark Kneidinger - Episode 1

Guidehouse presents “IT Modernization,” a series of podcasts based on discussions with IT experts and visionaries from federal government agencies and the private sector who share behind the scenes insights into the innovative world of IT Modernization. 

In this episode of the “IT Modernization: State of the Union” podcast, Anil Krisnananda of Guidehouse sits down to discuss the current environment of IT Modernization with Mark Kneidinger, a 40+ year veteran in IT and Cyber whose career transcends roles as a federal government CIO and Cyber Senior Executive, state government CIO and private sector Vice President and Managing Partner for IT consulting.  With a background as CIO at five federal agencies, Mark Kneidinger shares his perspective on the main drivers and characteristics of IT Modernization in the decade leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of the pandemic on IT Modernization, how the role of the CIO was different ten years ago than it is today, how IT Modernization was an expansion of infrastructure to support the diverse sets of applications and is now a consolidation of infrastructure and where CIOs of federal agencies need to focus their attention on the increased use of cloud capabilities and migration to the cloud without total disruption to current budgets. 

Guidehouse · IT Modernization - State of the Union (featuring Anil Krisnananda & Mark Kneidinger)
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