Managing Risk to Drive Organization Value Through the Use of Data

The 16th Annual 2022 MIT CDOIQ Symposium

By Dennis Chesley, Donald Heckman Jr., Kate Sylvis

Guidehouse's Kate Sylvis, Dennis Chesley and Don Heckman help you understand how incorporating data into risk management, can empower you with an understanding of whether your organization’s performance aligns with targets and supports long-term success. Walk away with actionable considerations for immediate application within your own organization. 

During this session, we explore how data can elevate risk management in an organization, translating the identification and prioritization of risks into real results that materially impact the success of an organization. Set against the backdrop of real-life examples from a combined four decades of risk management experience across multiple industries, Kate, Dennis and Don address:

  • The power of data when incorporated with risk management
  • How key performance indicators and key risk indicators can lead to realized opportunities
  • How data can be used to monitor performance against targets and respond to risk events
  • Specific case studies of the management of privacy and information/cybersecurity risks through the use of data governance
  • Takeaways for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) – how CDOs can make a real impact on the success of an organization

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