Burlington & Boston Employees Work Together to Support VA

A group of employees from the Burlington and Boston offices volunteered at the Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospital on September 12. The group assisted veterans who were in wheelchairs or otherwise needed help walking to a concert held in their honor featuring Re-Creation, a band that tours VA hospitals across the country performing hits from the ‘40s through today.

Burlington, VAThe Guidehouse employees came together after Brett Feldman, principle research analyst with Guidehouse Insights, sought to bring together a Guidehouse team to support a local VA organization. Brett was joined by employees across practices, including David Jones from the GIC practice, Ashley Picard, Theresa Micalizzi, and Laura Teebagy from Operations, and Chris Dawe, also from Guidehouse Insights.

We each got matched up with one veteran who we helped to and from the concert hall from their rooms,” said Brett. “We got to have one-on-one conversations with the veterans and learn about their military service, families, and the circumstances that brought them to the VA. It was great to see how much they enjoyed the show and appreciated our assistance.”

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