Berlin Community Connections Service Month Event

BerlinThe Berlin Life Science and Energy teams joined forces for Community Connections Service Month to give two rooms at a local children's hospital a much-needed makeover. Due to a lack of space, the hospital had to resort to adapting a bathroom into a treatment room. Members of the Life Science team became aware of situation through a contact at the hospital, at which point it was decided that the Berlin office should contribute something to improve patient experience. The tiled walls and floor of the treatment room made for an unpleasant environment in which sick children were put through already stressful situations, while a second room was showing severe signs of wear.

The volunteers were able to add some much-needed color and playfulness to the converted bathroom. Tetris designs were created on the walls, while a glass cubicle was decorated with bright wood-foil and portholes. The second room to be decorated was a communal playroom. Here the volunteers also worked with large decals to give the room a jungle theme, cleaned up the existing paintwork, and made many smaller fixes and improvements. A projector screen and beamer were also installed to offer children the ability to watch movies and play video games on a big screen. By making these rooms more child-friendly, the teams worked together to make the hospital stay of the young patients a little more pleasant. 

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