Mary's Place - Community Connections Service Month Event

For Guidehouse’s Community Connections Service Month, the Seattle volunteer team of five deep-cleaned the walls of the community play and dining room at Mary’s Place on Sunday, Sept. 15, in preparation for a future painting activity. The project benefited over 200 women and children who use the facilities in any given week, and most of them find permanent housing/employment within 1-3 months.

Mary’s Place provides a safe day shelter (with a sleep shelter at night in a separate location) for homeless women and their children to shower; do laundry; receive medical attention, food, vitamins, and supplies; and use computers to apply for jobs and housing. This keeps children from the vulnerability of being exposed to the streets, and provides a sense of constancy and normalcy in addition to the many services they may receive at Mary’s Place. The idea is to reduce the duration of homelessness and damage to children during that period. Their motto is: No One’s Child Should Sleep Outside.

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