Utrecht Colleagues Teach Children About Nitrogen Crisis

Guidehouse colleagues Tom Berg and Maud Buseman from the Utrecht office sought to teach kids about the value of sustainable energy by hosting a series of workshops at a Dutch school for vocational education during their Sustainability Week.

Tom and Maud discussed the ongoing “nitrogen crisis,” which is a burning issue in the Netherlands affecting multiple sectors, especially the agricultural sector. The nearly 60 students that attended their workshops were mostly farmers’ sons and daughters who are involved in their parents' agriculture business. In the past few weeks, almost all of the students went protesting against the new rules on nitrogen emissions in the Hague and at the provincial assemblies.

As you can imagine, the students were really engaged! Discussions were heavy, but productive and informative. Their goal was to approach the subject from multiple angles and discuss the ideas behind the rules and regulations in order to give the students a broader view than just what they read on social media or what their friends and parents have to say about the topic.

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