Guidehouse Helps Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

You may have tried baking sourdough bread and experimented with paint-by-numbers to pass the time during this socially-distanced summer, but did you ever consider the quarantined-approved activity of saving endangered sea turtles? Well, rest assured one of our Guidehouse colleagues has been hard at work making sure these hard-shelled creatures are in good hands!

Guidehouse employee Donna Knutson is dedicating her time from May to October walking on her local Florida beach to find endangered sea turtle nests, mark and secure the nests, and provide research and data to the state for scientific and conservation studies. She also educates community members on the beauty of these rare animals. Donna’s assigned walking section has 28 nests on it and there are over 200 on the whole island which she covers with the other volunteer teams. She tells us that turtle nesting is cyclical, and though this is a down year, the next two should see a rise in nests – so think about signing up if you’re in the Florida area or looking into similar conservation opportunities wherever you are!

Sea Turtle 2

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