PROJECT 38: How public-private partnerships have forever changed

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The coronavirus pandemic is one of those situations where collaborations between the public and private sector entities had to accelerate given the situation. In this episode of Project 38, Guidehouse’s CEO, Scott McIntyre and Chief Operating Officer Charles Beard share their views with Senior Staff Writer Ross Wilkers on what those partnerships looked like in 2020 and how change going forward.

Scott McIntyre and Charles Beard have also have led the company through its launch as an independent business in 2018 and acquisition of Navigant Consulting in 2019 to gain equal government and commercial footings. They update us on how that deal has changed Guidehouse and why it was important for them to be present with the regulators and those who are regulated.

Also on the agenda: questions to answer in thinking about the future of work and what the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines mean for future teaming between government agencies and companies like Guidehouse.

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