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Navigating the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Your Trusted Guide for Outwitting the Complexities of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Turning Vision Into Action  


Jan Vrins, Guidehouse partner and segment lead, shares his initial insights on the impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Future-Proofed: Protecting Infrastructure in Uncertain Times

How strategic investment can build infrastructure resilience and maintain physical, social, and economic viability.

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Impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law 

The scope of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is historic. It's the largest investment ever in broadband, transportation, clean energy, water, and other sectors, allocated among more than 350 programs. The need is as momentous as its size: As the effects of climate change on communities and infrastructure become more apparent, cities, states, and energy companies must create more resilient systems to mitigate threats and avoid significant future costs. At the same time, these investments aim to create well-paying jobs and support underserved communities. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offers capital funding to reduce operating risk and implement projects that address some of the most pressing infrastructure investment needs:

Navigating the wide-ranging Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding landscape won't be easy. Organizations need a trusted guide to outwit the complexity of preparing for, securing, managing, and implementing programs. These are some of the challenges key sectors may face: 

  Federal Agencies

Federal Agencies

More than a dozen federal agencies are tasked with implementing over 350 programs under the infrastructure law. These agencies must coordinate efforts between management, technology, engineering, and finance to execute complex projects. Read More >

 Infrastructure State and Local

State and Local Agencies 

Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, state and local governments will be eligible for a variety of federally funded grants, including both formula and competitive opportunities. Competitive grant applications will require extensive strategy and planning around infrastructure, broadband, and transportation, including electric vehicles. Grants management will be an additional challenge.  Read More >

Infrastructure Energy Providers 

Energy Providers

Energy providers are central to many aspects of the bipartisan infrastructure law. These organizations must maximize the outcomes of the many funding opportunities now available to them. These include capital projects to acquire or update infrastructure and systems, R&D and pilot projects, and more. Read More >


How Guidehouse Can Help

Guidehouse’s experts lead and de-risk the execution of big ideas. We deliver full lifecycle solutions to transform infrastructure, transportation and energy systems, buildings and cities, markets, and operations for a more sustainable, resilient, and secure energy and infrastructure future.

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