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The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) was an exciting moment for federal agencies, state and local governments, and energy providers. As that excitement evolves into action, officials must solve an array of challenges: How do federal, state, and local entities work together? What should collaboration among cities, energy companies, and corporations look like? Which projects and programs can achieve broadscale objectives and have the biggest impact on our infrastructure and economy? How should funding be allocated among them?
Guidehouse can help you outwit these challenges. With expertise in both the public sector and regulated commercial markets, Guidehouse can advise your organization on successfully leveraging infrastructure funding for the most complex and impactful projects, and provide insights for working across sectors to achieve common goals. This guide can get you started.
Maximizing Outcomes

Jan Vrins Discusses the Impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)

Impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The scope of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is historic. It's the largest investment ever in broadband, transportation, clean energy, water, and other sectors, allocated among more than 350 programs. The need is as momentous as its size: As the effects of climate change on communities and infrastructure become more apparent, cities, states, and energy companies must create more resilient systems to mitigate threats and avoid significant future costs. At the same time, these investments aim to create well-paying jobs and support underserved communities.

Areas Served
  • Providing clean water and eliminating lead service lines (LSLs)

  • Ensuring access to reliable, high-speed internet (broadband)

  • Repairing and rebuilding roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity, and safety

  • Improving public transportation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Upgrading passenger rail infrastructure

  • Creating a national network of EV chargers

  • Renovating airports and ports to strengthen supply chains

  • Modernizing power infrastructure to deliver clean, reliable energy nationwide and achieve a zero-emissions future

  • Improving infrastructure resiliency to address the impacts of climate change, cyber-attacks, and extreme weather events

  • Mitigating pollution by cleaning up Superfund and brownfield sites, reclaiming abandoned mines, and capping orphaned oil and gas wells

We Help Key Sectors    Navigate BIL

Federal Agencies link-arrow

More than a dozen federal agencies are tasked with implementing over 350 programs under the infrastructure law. These agencies must coordinate efforts between management, technology, engineering, and finance to execute complex projects.

State & Local Agencies link-arrow

Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, state and local governments will be eligible for a variety of federally funded grants, including both formula and competitive opportunities. Competitive grant applications will require extensive strategy and planning around infrastructure, broadband, and transportation, including electric vehicles. Grants management will be an additional challenge.

Energy Providers link-arrow

Energy providers are central to many aspects of the bipartisan infrastructure law. These organizations must maximize the outcomes of the many funding opportunities now available to them. These include capital projects to acquire or update infrastructure and systems, R&D and pilot projects, and more.

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