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Helping Federal Agencies Navigate the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Your Trusted Guide for Outwitting the Complexities of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

How Guidehouse Can Help

For organizations implementing large, transformational programs, finding the right partner to manage and integrate the myriad of details is often the most challenging part, especially when the programs arise from new legislation and funding that agencies may not already have the capability or capacity to implement. By strategically combining the fundamentals of project management with a focus on business transformation, TruePMOSM ensures programs are delivered consistently, with high quality, on time and on budget. 

For clients administering large federal grant programs, Guidehouse offers deep domain expertise in a wide variety of federal funding programs spanning agencies such as Treasury, FEMA, Transportation, Interior, and others. We understand the process from the federal side as well as recipient, supporting multiple states and private sector industries.

Our grant program PMOs leverage the TruePMOSM tools, with an emphasis on preventing fraud, waste, and abuse; ensuring funds have their intended impact; thorough engagement with recipients and stakeholders; efficiency in administering programs; and executing with the highest levels of compliance. 

Future-Proofed: Protecting Infrastructure in Uncertain Times

How strategic investment can build infrastructure resilience and maintain physical, social, and economic viability.

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Case Studies

Case Study
Transparency and Accountability
Using business intelligence and real-time monitoring tools to increase cross-collaboration and information-sharing
Case Study
Federal Department Implements Aid Program from Recent Legislation
Guidehouse leverages integrated program management solution to help the Department stand up and execute the critical new program

Our Insights

Guidehouse to Support U.S. General Services Administration in Accelerating Federal Fleet Electrification
Firm will provide strategies for fleet electrification and management lifecycle, encompassing zero-emission vehicles, charging infrastructure, utilities, and facility management
National Policy Plays a Key Role in Achieving the Electrification of Mobility
In a panel discussion at Reuters Mobility 2021, Guidehouse explains how the public sector can incentivize private companies to invest and create profitable, zero emission, mobility solutions
5 Steps to a Greener Supply Chain
In a Government Executive article, Guidehouse shares tips for public sector leaders on reducing carbon impact and risk in supply chains

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