Security Through Partnership

2022 Homeland Security Enterprise Forum Session Recommendations

By Patricia Cogswell, Shannon White, Briana Frisone, Donna Roy

The second annual Homeland Security Enterprise Forum (HSEF) brought together subject matter experts from government, public, and private sectors to provide strategic thought leadership on the value of partnerships in the homeland security enterprise today and how to build and enhance partnerships in the face of evolving threats. The Forum focused on the successes of relationships, methods to enhance current partnerships, relevant stakeholders with whom to foster new partnerships, and ways partnerships within the federal government and between federal agencies and relevant stakeholders could continue to secure and protect the homeland. 

Strong themes throughout the forum included identifying and mitigating emergent manmade and natural disasters and threats, maturing the homeland enterprise to reduce the nation's risk, and recognizing the future of the mission space. Discussions identified opportunities and recommendations to more proactively counter threats and enhance resilience should an incident occur. Plenaries and breakout groups conversed about the importance of protecting civil rights and civil liberties, ensuring government and business stakeholders were transparent with the community about what information was being collected, how it was being used, and how their privacy was being protected. 

The full HSEF report, Security Through Partnership, highlights key takeaways and recommendations resulting from discussions that should establish priorities and guide the homeland security enterprise.


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