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Utility's Role In Industry's Future

Through a series of executive roundtables, Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly are capturing insight on the utility industry’s path forward

The future of the electricity industry and the expectation of considerable change is drawing focus to the energy sector. To gain perspective, Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly are teaming up to host a series of regional roundtable discussions with utility executives, creating a dialogue on the role of tomorrow's transmission and distribution utility. 

During these roundtable discussions, executives address how the role of utilities could and should evolve and share their opinions on how new products and services are expected to create new revenue streams for utilities, augmenting traditional, declining revenue.

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From listening to these utility execs, it seems the death spiral is a myth. Utilities have already started to adapt to a new energy reality, where providing basic power to customers in a safe, reliable, and affordable way is only part of the business. Utilities will now orchestrate a more intelligent, distributed, and cleaner grid, offering new, enhanced, and individualized energy products and services to their customers. And they will be ready to compete.

Jan Vrins
Global Energy Practice Leader

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