The Changing Value of Customer Experience in the Energy Cloud

Guidehouse’s latest white paper explores how utilities and energy providers can navigate the customer experience transformation

Utilities and the Customer Experience

Utilities must begin thinking about how to remain relevant in an Energy Cloud future that positions them as more than simply wires and poles companies. Repositioning around a customer-centered identity can help catalyze this necessary transformation.

Ted Walker, Managing Director, Guidehouse

As utilities move from regulated commodity providers to sophisticated energy solutions providers, the customer experience (CX) has never been more important.

Transforming the customer experience is foundational to extending utilities’ value propositions in the customer-centered Energy Cloud, where selling customers on evolving programs, products, and services is becoming increasingly important for utilities’ business models. In this environment, 75% of $6 trillion in global value is expected to shift downstream. As a result, the customer ecosystem will evolve into a more dynamic marketplace with a highly diverse asset mix, unpredictable load, and increasing customer demands. Investing in CX transformation and enhancing the customer experience value will be critical to unlocking this potential, and “good enough” CX will not be enough to stay competitive.

Guidehouse’s white paper, The Changing Value of Customer Experience in the Energy Cloud, details how incumbent utilities can create a truly seamless CX through digital best practices that enable customers to achieve their goals—such as cost savings, reliability, resiliency, sustainability — while also remaining a customer of the energy company or utility.

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