The Energy Customer Transformation

An article in Public Utilities Fortnightly

In the Energy Customer Transformation, Jan Vrins and Mackinnon Lawrence explore the burgeoning trend of utilities and energy companies prioritizing customer engagement in the midst of what Guidehouse calls the Energy Cloud.


Throughout the article, Vrins and Lawrence examine the results of Guidehouse’s State and Future of the Power Industry 2018 survey to explain why the power industry must adapt quickly to the proposition of customer value, specifically due to the implications the Energy Customer Transformation has for future regulation, utility operations, and much more. With technological innovation allowing the digitization of new products and services, sectors including transportation, buildings, and general industry are developing new business models that rewrite the rules for how electricity is generated and consumed.

In our third annual State and Future of the Power Industry report in collaboration with Public Utilities Fortnightly, customers were the only other critical stakeholder for utilities, besides utility regulatory commissions, ranked at the top of the pack for importance to successfully navigate the industry transformation. We are merely in the first phase of this transformation today. The opportunities to establish a competitive position in an increasingly crowded energy supply marketplace are many.

Jan Vrins, Leader of Global Energy Practice
Mackinnon A. Lawrence, Research Director

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