Adding Drones to the Facility Management Toolbox

In an article for Facility Executive, Guidehouse looks at new use cases for unmanned aerial vehicles

Drone adoption is on the uptick in the commercial sector, where the technology is increasingly used for surveillance, photography, and video.

In an article for Facility Executive, Benjamin Freas, associate director at Guidehouse, says these abilities can also benefit those in the buildings industry.

“Within facility management, drones are primarily being used for inspections in hard to reach areas such as rooftop equipment or building façades,” he said. “This can save time by obviating the need to erect scaffolding or aerial work platforms. But, more use cases are emerging as drone technology vendors are crafting solutions that can benefit facility managers.”

According to the article, some startups are already using drones to tackle the challenges of creating as-built drawings. In the future, though, applications could extend to creating and constructing, with added capabilities that allow for lifting, transporting, and assembling.

“Though drones will never replace facility managers, ultimately, they could operate as another set of hands to help keep buildings running,” Freas said.

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