Advancing San Antonio's Climate Readiness

Guidehouse supported San Antonio in developing a climate action and adaptation plan

On October 17, San Antonio voted to adopt the city’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). This plan marks a historic step for the city and the culmination of two years of work by over 100 city staff and community stakeholders and carries the support of key agencies that will be partners in its implementation including CPS Energy, the San Antonio Water System, The San Antonio River Authority, VIA Metropolitan Transit, and the San Antonio Planning Commission.

Guidehouse supported the city with climate resilience and adaptation expertise throughout the plan development. Guidehouse led the development of supporting documents such as the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and the risk and vulnerability assessment. The Guidehouse team also facilitated the technical working group and steering committee meetings throughout the plan development, and supported the city in finalizing the plan.

The process had begun in June 2017 when the City Council adopted a resolution in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and tasked the City Sustainability office with developing the first ever CAAP. The resulting plan defines a GHG mitigation pathway for the city to meet the Paris Climate Agreement and outlines adaptation opportunities for the city to cope with the effects of climate change.

For more information on the San Antonio project, watch a short interview with Douglas Melnick, chief sustainability officer, City of San Antonio, and Danielle Vitoff, associate director at Guidehouse:


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