Assessing Key Players in the Remote Microgrids Market

In a Mini-Grids Partnership article, Guidehouse Insights ranked industry players to help illuminate the evolution of the remote microgrid market

Remote microgrids — islands of power not interconnected to a traditional utility grid — account for some 41% of the total global market for microgrids, according to Guidehouse Insights’ recently published Microgrid Deployment Tracker 2Q19.

In an article for Mini-Grids PartnershipPeter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse Insights, assessed the current status of the global remote microgrid market and provided a ranking of key industry players.

“The remote microgrid space is broad and deep,” Asmus said, explaining that applications range from small energy access projects to large industrialized mines as well as physical islands, which offer economies of scale and diverse customer loads. 

In the article, Asmus ranked 12 diverse remote microgrid vendors based on overall strategy and execution. Of the companies ranked, he profiled three, Scheider Electric, Outback Power, and Powerhive, to demonstrate the depth, diversity, and opportunity available in the market. 

“With large and small companies all engaged in bringing innovation to this market, the future is bright despite a long list of remaining challenges that prevent this market from meeting its full potential,” Asmus said. 

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