Attracting Urban Residents to Electric Vehicles

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse discusses how companies will need to change their approach to tap into the next generation of urban electric vehicle users

Homeowners with private parking spots have been the primary drivers behind electric vehicle (EV) adoption. However, urban residents represent a potential second adoption wave because of their preferences and proximity to destinations.

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse’s William Sierzchula, managing consultant, discussed some of the barriers companies face in attracting this second wave of EV adopters.

“While early adopters could install charging infrastructure…in their personal garages, many second-generation EV buyers will not have that option because they park overnight in shared lots,” Sierzchula said. “Since a battery EV's value proposition declines substantially without reliable access to charging, firms will need to figure out a new [charging infrastructure] solution."

Additionally, early adopters are generally willing to endure pain and hardship with new technologies, whereas the second wave of adopters aren’t likely to be so accommodating and will insist on both affordable and flexible charging, Sierzchula noted. 

There are pilot programs in the works that are testing which solutions provide the right combination of flexibility and ease-of-use to encourage urban dwellers without private garages to adopt EVs, but firms are struggling to make public charging stations profitable. 

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