Beyond the Electron: Neural Grid and the Internet of Energy

In episode four of the podcast series, Guidehouse takes a closer look at the possibilities of the neural grid

beyond the electron 

Guidehouse’s podcast series, Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud, investigates the rapid transformation of the global energy system. Presented in partnership with Utility Dive, the podcast explores the emerging Energy Cloud and its key components of customer-centric platforms.

In episode four, Mike Bianco, managing director in Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment is joined by Joseph Santamaria, chief information and digital officer at PSEG, to discuss the innovations transforming the power system.

The experts explore the emergence of the neural grid — described as an intelligent glue connecting a heterogeneous network of generation, distribution, and storage — and its many possibilities and the potential impact for customers.  

The podcast is also available on iTunes.

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