Building a Safe Space for Utilities and Partners to Innovate

In a Public Utilities Fortnightly article, Guidehouse discusses how the REV Connect model is inspiring utilities nationwide to rethink innovation

Guidehouse’s REV Connect and Innovation Sprints has helped New York State’s utilities develop transformational business models. These patterns are extending beyond New York as other utilities create safe spaces to communicate with partners, rethink their approaches to innovation, and define energy’s future business models. 

In the final installment of the three-part article series for Public Utilities Fortnightly, Dan Bradley, managing director at Guidehouse, and H. Christine Richards, managing consultant at Guidehouse, discuss the importance of co-creating the future and the need for transparency as utilities and partners look to drive more innovation. 

Traditionally, utilities engaged around one solution for a problem which they would invest millions of dollars into. Now, many are shifting their approach, as vendors move from solution providers to potential partners in future energy business models. 

As Guidehouse learned through REV Connect, organizations must co-create. Utilities and their partners must be open to sharing their needs and their capabilities to enable the future.

“The future of utilities is becoming increasingly complex with new needs and opportunities,” said Richards. “Creating space for this openness and these relationships that challenge the current thinking in the industry, is vital for success.”

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