Capitalizing on the Shift in the Energy Value Chain

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Guidehouse discusses new investment opportunities arising from the energy transformation

With a growing need for capital to fund transformative energy companies and projects, investors face an unprecedented opportunity to reduce exposure to outdated systems and maximize returns.

A recently released Guidehouse white paper anticipates this disruption will affect the financial valuation of energy assets over the next 10 years, as more value will be created in the distribution, supply, and customer components of the energy system.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the paper’s lead author, Jan-Willem Bode, director at Guidehouse, discussed investment opportunities arising from the intertwined developments in decarbonization and sustainability efforts and the energy transformation.

“I think what you see is there's a big change happening in the energy system as a whole,” Bode said. “The big shift is away from selling commodities, and much more investing in services business. Such investing in the right part of the energy system can almost be seen as a recession hedge.”



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