Capturing Additional Value in an Energy Cloud Future

In an interview with The Business Debate, Guidehouse explains how companies can capitalize on the transition to a decarbonized energy future

Guidehouse developed the Energy Cloud to describe how policy, regulation, technology, and market changes will transform the energy system over the next 5-15 years. Multilateral efforts to address climate change and a shift toward an increasingly clean, distributed, and intelligent energy ecosystem will create massive disruption across the entire energy value chain.

In an interview with The Business Debate, Jan-Willem Bode and Preeti Srivastav, directors at Guidehouse, discussed the impact this energy transition is expected to have on companies and their business.

As large corporations continue to set more aggressive sustainability goals to reduce carbon emissions and waste, many are also pursuing new ways to use and produce energy and implement circular concepts. Due to the large size of their facilities, industrial companies are key candidates for becoming prosumers — in view of generation, but also by providing storage and demand response solutions.

To successfully navigate the energy transition, according to Bode and Srivastav, companies need to seize existing opportunities, but also prepare their sustainability journey to capture long-term ones. In the interview, the energy experts described how businesses can create value amidst increasingly volatile conditions.

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I think there is a universal memo for all the CEOs who do not consider themselves to be in the energy business, because you may not be in the power business today, but it is extremely likely that you will be in it by tomorrow.

Preeti Srivastav

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