Closing the Gender Gap in the Global Energy Sector

In an NBC News article, Guidehouse explains how the consumer will be an asset in closing the gender gap

There has been an increase in the number of women in energy leadership positions in the past 10 years, yet there is still a long way to go towards closing the gender gap.

A recent article for NBC News discussed key takeaways from the #ChangePays in Energy report, which addressed ways to close the gender gap in the global energy industry through statistics and interviews with 20 female energy leaders. Guidehouse’s Lisa Frantzis, managing director, was one of the industry leaders interviewed. She discussed one way the energy industry is evolving to engage more women.

The report concluded that in order to get more women interested in the sector, outreach needs to begin at a younger age. Simultaneously, excitement around the energy sector’s transformation, is attracting younger, climate-conscious generations. There is a move toward distributed energy resources, and consumers want more choice and more digital control over their energy use.

“Consumers are going to be the new asset class,” Frantzis said. “Everything is moving more toward a much more interactive customer, [and] the customers are not just men.”  

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