Understanding Data-Collecting Automobiles

In an article for the Associated Press, Guidehouse Insights discusses what connected cars means for drivers’ privacy

Cars connected to the internet have many helpful features including the ability to unlock remotely and wirelessly upgrade safety features. However, online access also means that automakers are able to collect data from users without clear rules in place, creating the possibility for automakers to use customer data in ways that could compromise user privacy. 

In an article for the Associated Press, Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discusses what the future of connected vehicles looks like.

“We are not that far away from when 100 percent of all new cars will come equipped with data modems,” Abuelsamid said. “Having the potential to collect more data about people in their cars means there is going to be potential for abuses, too.”

He added that as of now few automakers share data in the U.S. without owner’s consent. According to the article, in 2014, 20 companies signed an agreement stating they would get a driver’s permission before sharing data with third parties. However, as the auto industry and technology continues to change, including technology needed for self-driving cars, automakers approach to this data will also continue to evolve. 

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