Driving Demand Response Market Transformation in California

In an article for Utility Dive, Guidehouse discusses how codes and standards can help increase demand response in the marketplace

Building energy codes and appliance standards (C&S) have unconsciously transformed the way consumers use energy in buildings. California is currently establishing ambitious legislative goals for renewable energy, which are raising concerns about the stability of the grid.

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse’s Lucas Schroyer, senior consultant, discussed how increasing the market penetration of demand response (DR)-ready technology through C&S can help mitigate these concerns, expressing a need for a suite of new DR-ready technologies to be included in California’s C&S.

“Past C&S have helped drive energy efficiency market transformation in California (such as requiring all new construction homes to be nearly zero net energy) and will continue to play an important role,” Schroyer said. 

While policy initiatives and market solutions are beginning to address supply-side issues of sustainable power generation, there is still a need for advanced DR and other demand side management strategies to help with grid services.

"Codifying DR-ready technologies will help increase [DR] market penetration, reduce the cost to implement DR programs, and can provide vendors with clear and standardized technology requirements,” Schroyer said. 

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