Dutch Offshore Wind Market on Track to Meet Energy Goals

In an OffshoreWind.Biz article, Guidehouse examines the status of offshore wind in the Netherlands

Guidehouse recently published the first Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update 2019 report. Prepared in partnership with the Nederlandse WindEnergie Associatie, TKI Wind op Zee, and GROW, the report takes stock of the Dutch offshore wind rollout.

In an article for OffshoreWind.Biz, Huygen van Steen, managing consultant, and Jesse Broehl, senior research analyst with Guidehouse, find the offshore wind development in line with the target of 3.5 GW additional capacity by 2023 set by the Dutch government six years ago.

“The Dutch offshore wind market is still relatively small but is on a steady path to reach 10.6 GW of installed capacity by 2030,” wrote the authors. “To accelerate development, the government created a framework, which has since become an example for other countries."

The offshore wind capacity increase is meant to contribute to the Netherland’s goal of achieving a climate-neutral energy supply by 2050.

Read the full article in the Offshore Wind Magazine
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