Exploring the Current and Future State of the Wind Industry

In an interview with WindEurope, Jan Vrins discusses key developments in the wind industry

In an interview with WindEurope, Guidehouse’s Jan Vrins, leader of the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment, discussed Guidehouse’s experience in offshore wind along with larger developments taking place across the industry.

Talking about Europe and the North Sea region, Vrins noted: “With a current installed capacity of 13 GW and a rollout pathway of approximately 70 GW toward 2030, there are exciting times ahead. This includes the first ever zero-subsidy wind farm planned for commissioning in the Netherlands in 2022.”

He also highlighted that the industry is growing into a global business with deployments happening in North America and Asia. 

According to Vrins, one of the next challenges for wind will be integrating new wind assets into the larger evolving energy system. With offshore wind playing a particularly important role through facilitating country-to-country interconnection and providing electricity required to power hydrogen-to-carbon conversion. 

Vrins ended his conversation with a look ahead, “10 years from now, I hope we can say that we helped accelerate the energy transition globally and the development of renewable wind energy, which will be a key part of the future zero carbon energy system,” he said.

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