Ford Bets on an Electric SUV

In a San Francisco Chronicle article, Guidehouse Insights discusses how Ford’s new electric Mustang Mach E will perform in the market

At the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this month, Ford unveiled the Mustang Mach E, one of its first electric SUVs.  

In a San Francisco Chronicle article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, explained how he thinks the new Mustang will fare in the market.

The big automakers have been creating hybrid and electric vehicles for years now; however, most are smaller models with limited demand. Ford is now taking a calculated risk that it can find a market for an electric vehicle at a larger size that Americans prefer. 

Abuelsamid said the Mustang Mach E “is probably not going to be a huge volume seller, but I’m cautiously optimistic they will be able to sell a decent number.”

Ford will also sell the Mustang Mach E in Europe and China, markets where electric vehicle sales are higher due in part to stricter emissions regulations, tax incentives, and restrictions on gas-powered cars. 

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