Getting Renovation on Track for a Decarbonized Building Stock in Europe

Guidehouse analyzed renovation rates and the uptake of nearly zero-energy buildings in the EU

In a new study for the European Commission, Guidehouse and Ipsos analyzed renovation rates and depths in the European Union (EU) building stock. Presented at the UN climate conference COP25 in Madrid on December 13, the study also informs on the uptake of nearly zero-energy buildings in the EU.

A ‘renovation wave’ to achieve better energy performance of buildings is a key measure within the EU’s New Green Deal to achieve its ambitious 50% - 55% cut of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to 1990 levels.

Guidehouse’s energy experts obtained the data for the analysis through extensive desk research and three large-scale surveys with consumers, architects, and main contractors and installers in the EU28. The study breaks down renovation rates, achieved energy savings and investment costs by type of renovation, building type and renovation depth.

The findings will inform the design, monitoring and evaluation of building and renovating policies The study aims to support all relevant stakeholders in understanding the distance that needs to be bridged and suitable measures to get on track towards a decarbonized building stock by 2050.

Download the report from the European Commission at
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