Why Residential Energy Storage Systems Are Gaining Popularity

In a T&D World article, Guidehouse Insights discusses advantages of residential energy storage systems and how virtual power plants further unlock value

Once thought of as a niche product by utilities, residential energy storage systems (RESSs) are gaining popularity thanks to a growing behind-the-meter energy distributed energy storage market, cost declines, government incentives, and increased solar photovoltaic integration. 

In a T&D World article, Guidehouse Insights’s Ricardo Rodriguez, discussed how utilities can improve the RESS value proposition, increasing customer adoption beyond the traditional solar-self consumption.

“For residential utility customers, aggregation through a virtual power plant (VPP) is a foundation for unlocking RESS potential to provide grid services,” Rodriguez said. “As energy markets evolve toward a greater dependence on distributed energy resources (DERs), strategies to generate more value from smaller, cleaner, and smarter systems are being designed and implemented.”

Rodriguez also discussed other uses for RESSs, including bridging the divide between VPPs and utility DER management systems as utilities test localized grid solutions, as well as its potential role in smart home energy solutions.  

“The future of energy rests on the basis of cleaner, distributed, and intelligent networks of power,” Rodriguez said. “The RESS VPP model presents a compelling vision of the future.”

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