Achieving Electric Vehicle Sales Targets

In a PV Magazine article, Guidehouse Insights discusses why policies are important to hitting European electric vehicle sales targets

To date, conventional vehicle bans and national sales targets for electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe have largely proven symbolic.

In a PV Magazine article, Guidehouse Insights’s Raquel Soat, research analyst, discussed what European governments should do to make their EV policies successful.

Ten European countries and several cities have committed to bans and limits on conventional vehicles. However, based on current incentives, policies, fuel prices, and historical trends, most of these countries are not likely to meet their goals. In order to meet these ambitious targets, things need to change. 

“For most markets, an outright ban of conventional vehicle sales would be disastrous for markets that have not developed an alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicle ecosystem,” said Soat. “Therefore, leading up to the bans there will likely have to be increased strength of existing transportation emission efficiency policies, implementation of incentives (both purchase and tax), and investment in charging infrastructure.”

Soat suggested adopting more subsidies, having other stakeholders encourage EV adoption, and zero-emission vehicle mandates as options to reach EV sales targets.

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