Improving Utility Customer Experience via Voice of the Customer

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse Insights discusses why customer experience analytics are vital to utility business development

Until the turn of the century, most utilities measured success by how little they engaged with customers. However, as the energy industry evolves, pressure is increasing for utilities to improve customer engagement.

In an Energy Central article, Stuart Ravens, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said using customer experience (CX) analytics and voice of the customer (VoC) data can help utilities increase engagement and adapt products and services to customers’ needs and wants.

While CX analytics can provide deep insights into a utility’s existing CX performance, VoC data helps to define customer adoption pathways and to build products and services that help them on this journey. 

“By delivering customers the services they actually want rather than a long list of potential products, utilities will build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction,” Ravens said. “Upfront investments in VoC analytics brings a utility closer to its customer base, provides valuable insights in new business development, and should save utilities money in future investments.”

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