Lessons Learnt from Cross-Border Electricity Trade in Europe and the Gulf Region

Guidehouse study presents insights from cross-border cooperation on electricity interconnections

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Guidehouse has carried out a study for the German-Emirati Energy Partnership on interconnections and cross-border electricity trade in Europe and the Gulf region. The European experience with strengthening electricity trade among its Member States can offer valuable insights for the Gulf region, where interest in cross-border electricity trade and regional electricity grids is growing rapidly.

The study, which was launched during the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi, shows that motivations for improved cross-border trade such as efficiency gains and the integration of larger shares of renewable energy are similar in the two regions. It identifies best practices and principles for good governance of interconnections that can be relevant in other regional contexts.

Guidehouse has supported the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in implementing the Energy Dialogue with the Gulf countries since 2016. The UAE and Germany have established an official Energy Partnership. In this framework, numerous high-level visits, study tours, events, and studies have been implemented around renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility, and new technologies.

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