Leveraging 5G for Utility Data

In a Utility Analytics Institute article, Guidehouse Insights discusses how 5G networks will transform how data is managed through analytics and artificial intelligence

Today, 5G networks promise utilities opportunities for new applications and new revenue generation, but a further look into the future shows that 5G will go beyond these benefits, transforming how data is managed in the field through analytics, and ultimately artificial intelligence (AI).

In an article for Utility Analytics Institute, Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed the benefits 5G and AI will bring utilities, the challenges utilities will face with this new technology, and why utilities should start preparing for 5G and AI now. 

According to the article, future 5G networks will be able to leverage analytics and AI to optimize performance and enable all manners of new applications. Utilities will be able to perform context-aware computing, drive decision-making through machine learning and cognitive intelligence, support mission-critical edge analytics, and deepen the cognitive capabilities of the system by leveraging multiple forms of data. 

However, Elberg noted, “Before the promise of AI with 5G can be fully realized, utilities must understand the complexities and challenges that these technologies will create.”

Utilities will need to start planning long-term strategies for data collection, cleaning, storage, and accessibility, along with how to integrate this into the cloud and secure their data, Elberg said. 

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