Making Driverless Cars Safer with Thermal Cameras

In a USA Today article, Guidehouse Insights discusses the benefits of thermal cameras and the companies currently developing them

A recent demonstration by Israeli company AdaSky showed how thermal cameras can be a powerful tool for making driverless cars safer. Compared to the currently used high-definition cameras, thermal cameras have the advantage of being able to see living things better during darkness and bad weather.

In a recent USA Today article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, discussed the technology's potential in the autonomous vehicle market.

“I think [thermal cameras are] an important technology that should probably be part of [Advanced Driver Assistance Systems] and automated driving systems going forward,” Abuelsamid said. “It provides a different view of the world from what you can get from traditional imaging cameras.” 

Currently, there are a few companies creating thermal imaging technology for cars. Abuelsamid noted how FLIR Systems, an Oregon-based thermal sensing company, recently demonstrated a camera with similar capabilities to AdaSky's. However, he doesn't believe having multiple companies should be a problem, explaining that automakers will want to have multiple supplier options available. 

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