Tracking the Dutch Offshore Wind Rollout

Guidehouse and three partners compiled the first annual Dutch offshore wind progress report

The Netherlands’ offshore wind development is accelerating to meet the targets set by the government in the Dutch Energy Agreement six years ago.

In partnership with the Nederlandse WindEnergie AssociatieTKI Wind op Zee, and GROW, Guidehouse offshore wind farm consultants have compiled the Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update 2019 report. The first in a series of annual progress updates, the report monitors if the Dutch offshore wind rollout remains in line with targets set by the Dutch government. The update highlights upcoming policy changes and market dynamics, and provides insight into emerging opportunities.

Download the Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update 2019

Guidehouse is excited to provide the first Dutch Offshore Wind Market Update and to contribute to the success of the Dutch offshore industry.

Benjamin Grunfeld

Managing Director

About the Experts

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