Optimizing Smart Building Functions

In a blog post for Panduit, Guidehouse Insights discusses strategies for integrating new technologies into smart buildings

As smart buildings become more popular, building owners are gaining more opportunities to optimize their building functions by incorporating new systems and technologies into existing networks.

In the first installment of a three-part series with the Panduit BlogCasey Talon, research director at Guidehouse Insights, discussed best practices for creating successful smart building strategies. 

While network design and cybersecurity are key components, deploying individual smart systems that run in isolation can only deliver so much benefit.

“Facilities management is transformed when systems are integrated, data is accessible, and analytics deliver real business insight and direct automated improvements,” Talon said. 

Talon noted that facilities and IT teams need to work together using cross-domain knowledge to create a secure, seamless, and future-proof network. This can help building owners deliver optimized system performance and a customized occupant experience — two core smart building value propositions. 

“There is an important link between optimized building systems and the occupant experience,” Talon said. “Optimized performance delivers metrics that satisfy demands for sustainability and occupant-centric operations that increasingly represent brand, thereby connecting investment in smart building solutions to the bottom line.”

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