Taiwanese Rivals Battle for Growing Electric Scooter Market

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse Insights discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Taiwanese scooter companies Gogoro and Kymco

As consumers are looking at battery-powered scooters, Gogoro and Kymco, have emerged as Taiwan's key industry players. Gogoro is an 8-year-old start-up that has battery exchanges set up across Tawain, whereas Kymco is a 55-year-old traditional gas-powered scooter company that branched into electric scooters.

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse Insights’ Ryan Citron, senior research analyst, discussed what will influence the two companies’ success in the market. 

“I expect [Gogoro and Kymco] to compete for e-scooter sales and battery charging,” Citron said. 

He believes Kymco will jump ahead on scale of sales and geographic reach. While Gogoro only sells in Tawain, Kymco is heavily investing in other countries like India.

According to Citron, Kymco and Gogoro are also competing on who can offer a more viable scheme for recharging scooter batteries before they die. He noted that range deters would-be riders, who would fear running out of power before getting to their destination.

Scooters with Kymco’s Ionex batteries can keep running on a backup system while the primary one recharges for about an hour. While Gogoro uses a battery swap system instead, with over 1,300 stations set up every two to five kilometres across Tawain.

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