Seven Female CEOs Discuss the Future of Energy

In a Public Utilities Fortnightly article, Guidehouse interviews seven utility CEOs on their personal and professional experiences

The changing utility industry is attracting new and diverse talent. More women are rising through the ranks of leadership, bringing with them unique perspectives and innovative ideas to get the job done.

In a Public Utilities Fortnightly article, Guidehouse’s Jan Vrins, managing director and leader of the global  Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment, interviewed seven female utility CEOs about their experience as leaders, their advice to the industry’s emerging stars, and their company’s challenges to navigate the energy transformation and climate change, and reshape the industry.

Vrins interviewed the following women on both their personal and professional experiences:

“While women are still underrepresented in the energy and utilities industries, these seven powerful leaders show that their voices are strong; their strategies with their customers, employees, and shareholders are innovative and effective; and their long-term impact on the industry will be meaningful,” Vrins said. 

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