Smart Communities Up Close

In an interview with Public Utilities Fortnightly, Guidehouse's Rob Wilhite shares the current state of smart communities

A special mid-February edition of Public Utilities Fortnightly is centered on the topic of smart communities. Guidehouse's experts are deeply involved with this topic, and shared their perspectives through a series of articles covering transportation, circular economy, microgrids, and connectivity. To introduce these pieces, PUF sat down with Rob Wilhite, managing director at Guidehouse, to talk about what smart communities are and how utilities and other energy stakeholders can contribute to creating these desirable place to live.

In a conversation with PUF editor Steve Mitnick, Wilhite shared his take on why smart communities are important, what drives development, what the future holds, and when citizens will see results from today's innovative smart city projects. 

"The most successful smart community projects are going to have both top-down and bottoms-up support from the public sector, government, private sector, academia, and private enterprises, all coming together in focusing on more inclusive programs to serve the community," Wilhite said.

Read the full interview for more of his insights.

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