The Future of Nuclear Energy

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse discusses the challenging economics of nuclear generation

As climate change becomes more of an issue, policymakers are looking at the possibility of nuclear for its reliability and zero carbon emissions. 

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse’s Jan Vrins,  Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment leader and managing director, discussed why he doesn’t believe nuclear will be a big player in the north American energy industry. 

"We're not seeing a lot of private investments [or] funding going into that space at this moment," said Vrins. "Whatever we can do to kind of extend the lifetime of existing nuclear plants, we should definitely do that. Do I see a lot of new nuclear in North America? No, long term because it's just not price competitive enough with other resources."

Vrins discussed how smaller plants could "in theory" play a role in the future of nuclear. However, he noted they would need investment from both the government and industry, which is not currently happening.

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