Finding a Common Language for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

In a conversation with NPR, Guidehouse Insights discusses the future of competing vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies

To help avoid accidents, automakers are developing technologies that allow vehicles to communicate with each other, road and light systems, and pedestrian cell phones. However, competing systems are emerging, and not all big-name car companies are using the same one. 

In a conversation with NPR, Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed the different approaches automakers are taking and why he believes one will win out in the end.

“We had Blu-ray and HD DVD, you know, two competing technologies doing essentially the same thing that came out around the same time, and Blu-ray won out," he said, drawing a parallel. 

“Because everybody realizes [that one system will succeed], for this to be of benefit, you need to have every vehicle be able to talk to every vehicle and to every roadside unit," Abuelsamid added. "You know, if they're talking different languages, then it doesn't help anybody.”

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