White House Chronicle: Electric Utility Industry's Role in Climate Change

Guidehouse explores how new technologies can help utilities mitigate climate change


Guidehouse has partnered with White House Chronicle to produce a twelve-part television series featuring interviews with industry leaders on the overarching topics of climate change, resiliency, sustainability, and new technologies.

In episode one, Karen Wilson, partner at Guidehouse; Ted Walker, partner at Guidehouse; and Mackinnon Lawrence, director at Guidehouse, discuss with host Llewellyn King climate change and the role electric utilities play. 

During their conversation, Wilson, Walker, and Lawrence explained the global energy transformation and how the traditional, linear energy systems of today are evolving into a more sustainable, highly digitized, and more dynamic system known as the Energy Cloud. They also shared how new technologies, such as solar panels, microgrids, and smart thermostats are helping to mitigate climate change.

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